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  Print Services
  For original print services, please refer to http://prtserv.cc.ncu.edu.tw/
  Turn off (https) proxy if you having trouble using this service.
  Printer Console for Dot-Matrix printer.
  Dot-matrix printers are free to use, but you can only print 30 pages a day. (according to our counting system)
  You can set this printing service as your local printer via LPR-protocol, LPR host ip: , and queue names are: hplaser, hp4350 and color.
  This system also provide free PDF generation services (if you don't have Adobe Acrobat Distiller installed), please using 'pdf' as queue name, and we suggest you using Apple Color PostScript Laser printer (such as Apple Color LW 12/660 PS) as printer driver.
  Please reading following instructions to see how to using this system.

Printer Model and Charge
IP AddressQueueCharge Model hplaser 1 NT$/page hp LaserJet 4050 PS*
hp4350 1 NT$/page hp LaserJet 4350 PS*
color 5 NT$/page hp color LaserJet 3700 PS*
*  Please use PS (PostScript) Driver instead of PCL/PCL6 Driver.
PDF Moonshine Distillery pdfFree Apple Color LW 12/660 PS**
**  You can try any color PostScript printer driver for best result.
Printer Driver
HP Color LaserJet 3700
  Traditional Chinese English Version
Win XP/2000/2003
Win64 XP/2003
Win 98/ME
Win NT4
HP LaserJet 4350
Win XP/2000/2003
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